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Conscious Sedation

A man laughing with his eyes closed at New Heights Dental & Braces Many people are scared of the dentist, and their fears will make them skip their regular cleanups and yearly appointments at New Heights Dental & Braces. This fear is also known as dental phobia, and it can keep a patient from getting the treatment they need to prevent further disease.

Dental phobia usually comes from a previous traumatic experience in which a patient was an uncomfortable or experienced pain. Just the smell of our dental office can put a person who suffers from this trauma in a state of panic.

Our staff is conscious that many people who come to visit us for their oral health are afraid of the tools we use or a specific procedure like filling a cavity. Not taking care of your oral health due to fear can have devastating consequences for you. This is why we offer sedation dentistry options for patients who qualify.

What Is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Oral conscious sedation is a dentistry tool which allows a patient to feel relaxed and comfortable during a procedure. With this method, our patient takes a pill about an hour before his or her appointment. By the time they get to our office, they will feel at ease so the treatment can follow. This is a very effective sedation method which we frequently use for our patients who have dental phobia.

How Oral Conscious Sedation Works

Oral conscious sedation is straightforward and easy for the patient to take. Merely take a pill, like you would a vitamin or any other over-the-counter drug. You will need a responsible driver to bring you to the appointment and take you home because of the side effects of the medicine.
•  The night before the appointment, you will take an anti-anxiety pill that will let you have a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed and relaxed for your appointment. This medicine controls the part of the brain responsible for fear.
•  The day of the appointment, you will take a second anti-anxiety pill about an hour before the heading to our office. Because the medicine will take effect quickly, you will need your companion to help you, even if you are taking public transportation to our office.
•  You will be conscious and able to respond to verbal commands and questions during the procedure. This method of sedation is ideal because it allows our staff to communicate with the patient during the treatment if needed.
•  After the procedure is complete, you will go home with your companion, and you will need someone to monitor you for several hours.

Oral conscious sedation is an effective method for patients with dental phobia and those who are afraid of wearing the mask we use for laughing gas. It's easy because it only involves taking a pill and after the effects of the medicine wear off, you will have no recollection of the procedure or remember any pain or discomfort.

If you have a fear of the dentist, please let New Heights Dental & Braces at (210) 828-5300 know, and we will discuss your sedation dentistry options, including oral conscious sedation.
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