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Teeth in a Day

One of the most exciting and innovative options we offer our patients who are missing teeth due to decay, or other reasons is Teeth in a Day.

With this option, you can get new teeth that look and function like natural teeth in one day and will never have to worry about loose bridges or partials again. Think of how wonderful it will be eating things like corn on the cob or a crunchy apple without having to worry about your dentures coming loose.

Considerations With Teeth in a Day

When you decide you are ready for implants, we will schedule a consultation to review your oral health in detail. With your input, we will design and choose a treatment plan that is best for you. If you qualify for dental implants, they will change your life and allow you the freedom you had before you lost your teeth. Dental implants can go a long way to restoring lost self-confidence as well as they will let you show your beautiful new teeth.

During this initial appointment, we will review the costs and payment options for Teeth in a Day implants. Most insurance companies don’t cover this technologically advanced procedure. However, we will always check to see if this is an option that will help to reduce the cost.

Why Choose Teeth in a Day Implants?

Teeth in a Day is a revolutionary option for those patients seeking to change their smiles. One of the most significant benefits of dental implants is that it can stop or prevent bone loss. While dentures are still the most common type of tooth replacement, they can lead to additional tooth loss. This can cause them to become loose, and you may need frequent adjustments or a replacement.

Dental implants look and function like your natural teeth and last for many, many years.

How Teeth in a Day Works

Once you decide you want to get Teeth in a Day, we will finalize your treatment plan and get you ready for the procedure. When you come in for your surgery, your new implants will be prepared to be installed in your jawbone.

To implant Teeth in a Day, our doctors will use four to six screws on your top jawbone and the same number for the lower jawbone. You will need between four and twelve months for your jaw to heal. In the meantime, we will send you home with a temporary set of teeth which look and feel like your natural teeth. After recovering entirely and when the implants are fused with the jawbone, you are ready for your permanent teeth. This is the last step in the process.

Even though Teeth in a Day has become more popular recently, the technology has been around for about 20 years, and the procedure enjoys a rate of success of 98 percent. This is a safe and effective teeth replacement method that is FDA-approved.

For additional information and to learn if you qualify to get Teeth in a Day, please call New Heights Dental & Braces at (210) 828-5300 today to schedule a free consultation.
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