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Sinus Lift

If you decide you are getting dental implants, you may need other dental procedures to prepare you for the surgery and make sure it's successful. At New Heights Dental & Braces our surgeons will not neglect any aspect of your dental implant surgery.

What Is a Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift surgery is a relatively standard procedure in which our surgeon uses a bone graft to increase the amount of the upper jawbone in preparation for dental implants. The key to a successful dental implant surgery is the amount and quality of the jawbone. While this is a standard surgery, not everyone needs a sinus lift before getting dental implants.

When Sinus Lift Surgery Is Needed

In general, upper dental implants are more complicated than the lower ones because in many cases there is not enough bone to support them adequately. Another concern with the upper jawbone is that it's connected to the sinuses. If you have allergies or suffer from frequent sinus infections, you may have felt pain in your teeth. This is due to the pressure the congested sinuses place on the root of the tooth.

If you want to have dental implants, but don't have enough upper jawbone mass, or it has thinned due to a variety of reasons, including periodontal disease, you may need sinus lift surgery.

How Is a Sinus Lift Done?

After the anesthesia takes effect, our surgeon raises the sinus floor and increases the bone to place dental implants. First, he or she makes an incision in the cheek side of the upper gums by the molars where the implant will be set. The gum flap is separated to expose the bone, and a small circle is cut to lift the sinus cavity with bone graft. This movable bone makes the attached membrane sit higher. The space gets filled with bone grafting material obtained from another part of your body or a bone bank.

After the bone grafting material is placed correctly, we stitch back the gum flap. Sometimes we can place the dental implant at the same time, however, in most cases, healing needs to occur before placing the implants. With time, the bone graft increases the natural bone, and you are ready for your new implants.

Sinus Lift Recovery

Despite how it may sound to a patient, those who have gone through this surgery report the discomfort is minimal. As with any surgery, you will be most uncomfortable in the days following the procedure, but we will give you specific instructions to care for yourself. It is essential to have a complete sinus lift recovery, which can take anywhere from six to nine months. Every patient’s tolerance to a surgical procedure is different, so you will have to come in for a few follow-up appointments until we determine the bone be ready for the dental implants.

Sinus Lift Problems

One of the risks that sinus lift surgery carries is the potential rupture of the membrane during the procedure. If this happens, we can quickly fix it with stitches. Other sinus lift problems can be sinus infections, drainage from the wound, or implant failure.

Every surgery has a risk and if you are scheduled to have a sinus lift at New Heights Dental & Braces call (210) 828-5300 with any concerns about your procedure.

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