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Dentistry for Kids

Welcome to and our dentistry services for kids. We are committed to providing our youngest patients with a fun, relaxed environment in which we can provide the treatment their little mouths need.

While we love all the tots that come in to visit us, treating children can be particularly challenging, especially when we ask them to sit still. Therefore, our staff is trained to handle all situations that may arise during an oral exam or another procedure.

Preventive Dental Care for Kids

Many parents don't realize that they should start bringing their baby in for dental exams when they're about 6 months old, and no later than one. One of the reasons for this recommendation is that the child will get used to visiting us and will not be afraid when it's time for dental cleanings or fluoride treatments later.

Even before the baby teeth erupt, there is a need for gum care to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Healthy baby teeth will give your child the confidence they need and will also allow him or her to eat and speak normally.

Caring for the gums before and after baby teeth erupt also helps with the development of the muscles that surround the jawbone. It is essential for permanent tooth development.

Above all, we want to prevent baby teeth decay, which can result in painful inflammation and infection such as a tooth abscess, which can be extremely dangerous.

Dentistry for Kids and Comfort

Our goal with dentistry for kids is to keep our young patients comfortable and relaxed, so we can treat him or her. To achieve this, we need your help to keep them calm. On some occasions, we will ask that you sit in the chair with your child on your lap to make them feel safe and we ask that you remain in the examination room with your child. We also request that you put them at ease by telling them about their upcoming visit. We will do the rest! Our friendly staff is trained to deal with children of all ages, and we take pride in our success in pediatric dentistry.

The best approach when treating a young patient is to keep the atmosphere light and fun. Most children are wonderful and cooperate with our instructions when prompted because they are used to our friendly staff.

When we encounter a problematic situation with a young patient, we offer what is known as laughing gas or other forms of anesthesia. We will explain to you why we must use sedation and answer any questions you may have.

Children like to know what to expect when they have a dentist appointment, and it’s essential to prepare them as much as possible with information in words they can understand. For example, when talking to them about x-rays, you can explain to him or her that it’s a picture of their teeth to see what’s inside of them. Alternatively, you can tell your son or daughter we have cool glasses for them to wear and they can hold the water suction tool to help the hygienists.

If you have any other questions before bringing your child to New Heights Dental & Braces, please don’t hesitate to call us at (210) 828-5300.
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